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Installing CloudBees Core on Traditional Platforms

CloudBees Core on Traditional Platforms Installation Guide

CloudBees Core on traditional platforms is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution that extends Jenkins. Developed for on-premise installations, CloudBees Core on traditional platforms offers stable releases with monthly updates, as well as additional proprietary tools and enterprise features to enhance the manageability and security of Jenkins. CloudBees Core on traditional platforms helps administrators manage growing installations due to ever-increasing teams, projects and jobs while getting professional support on Jenkins.

As mentioned earlier, CloudBees Core on traditional platforms consists of two components - the Client Master and the Operations Center, where the Client Master is a Jenkins master, whose main function is to coordinate the building of projects such as Pipelines.

Setting up a CloudBees Core on traditional platforms installation

The simplest CloudBees Core on traditional platforms installation consists of a single Client Master instance to coordinate builds for a single project. From this Client Master, install and configure Build Agents. Build Agents perform the project building work on separate virtual machines from the Client Master.

A newly installed Client Master is configured by default to execute the project build work the same way a Build Agent is. However, for maximizing the CloudBees Core on traditional platforms implemmention, CloudBees recommends to dedicate a Client Master for coordinating build projects and using the Build Agents to perform the build work on separate virtual machines.

CloudBees recommends creating a distributed build environment by installing separate {CJP-masster} and Build Agents. The distributed build environment maintains the security and integrity of the Client Master and maximize the Client Master’s performance.

Diagram of CloudBees Core for Traditional Platforms

As the complexity of your organization’s CI/CD requirements and build projects increase, CloudBees recommends installing additional Client Masters to your CloudBees Core on traditional platforms environment.

CloudBees recommends adding more Client Master for each additional build project. This prevents build speed issues on your existing Client Master/s. This also enables each Client Master to use a different set of plugins on each of the different Client Masters, making them easier to administer.

However, once your environment needs more than one Client Master, CloudBees recommends installing the Operations Center. The Operations Center provides centralized management of the Client Masters in your environment.

Without an Operations Center, these features would need to be managed individually on each Client Master.

The Operations Center manages:

  • Security and role-based access controls, which control access to different Client Masters, as well as various Pipeline projects and jobs on each Client Master.

  • Credentials, typically used to access secured external resources in Pipeline projects and jobs.

  • Build Agents, which can be shared amongst different Client Masters.