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Installing Jenkins X

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Installing on Linux

Installing Jenkins X on Linux involves the creation of directories and exporting PATH settings to ensure users can execute the jx commands in their environments:

  1. Create a hidden directory for installing the jx binary archive:

    mkdir -p ~/.jx/bin
  2. Download the Jenkins X archive using the curl command (where [LATEST_VERSION] is the most current version of Jenkins X released, which is 2.0.46), and unarchive to the hidden directory using the tar command:

    curl -L[LATEST_VERSION]/jx-linux-amd64.tar.gz | tar xzv -C ~/.jx/bin
  3. Create a system-wide export attribute to the PATH variable to execute jx commands without having to memorize its location:

    export PATH=$PATH:~/.jx/bin
  4. Create a user-based export to the jx path directed to your local bash shell configuration file so that your non-root user can execute the program without root permissions:

    echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/.jx/bin' >> ~/.bashrc